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Below are some qmail related links that, when I need help, always fall back on. I hope everyone finds them as useful as I have. I've also thrown in some non-qmail related links for places that I simply like.

Dan Bernstein Links - Need i say more?

     - Dan Bernstein's Homepage

     - Dan Bernstein's Qmail Homepage

Qmail.org - More Qmail information and goodies than you can shake a stick at.

Matt Simerson's Qmail "Toaster" Tutorial - A fantastic "how to" for setting up a Qmail "toaster". I borrowed a lot from Matt.

Life With Qmail - THE resource for a step-by-step bare bones qmail installation. All newbies should start here.

Qmailrocks.ru - A russian translation of my qmailrocks guide!

Jeremy Oddo's Qmail Toaster - A very nice Qmail toaster tutorial very similar to my installation.

Bill Shupp's qmail toaster - another fine qmail toaster how-to that utilizes netqmail.

Mark Teel's qms-analog page - Mark Teel created qms-analog, which is now in use on this install guide. Thanks, Mark.

John Simpson's qmail pages - John is crazy smart and he's made some of the coolest patches for qmail.

Inter 7 - The birthplace of so many of the bell and whistles you'll see in my Qmal installation. Just to name a few: Vpopmail, Vqadmin, Qmailadmin, Courier IMAP and autoresponder.

The Arda Network - Andrew St. Jean's site of cool and useful software. Lots of mail goodies.

Spamassassin - Makers of Spamassassin.

Webmail Server Guide - A nice qmail installation how to. Sort of like mine, but with a few differences.

Bill Olson's "nospam" email service - Bill Olson's project, offering free email accounts equipped with hefty spam filters!

Qmail-Scanner Homepage - Lots of helpful info on Qmail-Scanner, the alternative mail queue device.

The Rocks Project - The project that I've started. Making tutorial sites for everything under the sun!

Djbdnsrocks.org - My take on Dan Bernstein's DNS software. Djbdns makes an excellent companion to Qmail and Qmail runs much better when run with it.

Iptablesrocks.org - A tutorial for building an iptables based server firewall and routing table. Currently under development.

Apacherocks.org - A tutorial for installing and configuring the Apache web server. Currently under development.

Vsftpdrocks.org - A little guide a threw together about the vsftpd FTP server.

Non-qmail related links

ZabaSearch message archive - An excellent place to look for lost friends and family.

ericsiegel.net - Eric's Biography

ericstrains.com - I do O-Scale model trains as a hobby. This is my site.

ericanddani.com - My wife and I's wedding pics and other family stuff

siegelcamping.com - My wife, son and I enjoy camping quite a lot. This is our camping website with pics, stories, etc.



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